Pokeworks believes in living a healthy lifestyle
and enjoying food made from the freshest ingredients

The brand's line up allows for guests focused on a more health-conscious diet to indulge in delicious food without having to sacrifice
the flavour and quality of their meal.

What We Care About.

The rapid growth of Pokeworks is driven by a handful of values we share across each and every location.
Authentic flavour.
Our chef-driven menu, with hand-crafted signature Works, Bowls and Burritos bring the authentic flavours of Hawaii to every Pokeworks location.
Customer satisfaction.
WOWing each and every guest with superior hospitality and service.
Groundbreaking menu.
Today, Pokeworks is the leading and fastest-growing fast-casual poke brand in the world.
We view responsibly-sourced seafood as more than just a trend. Being socially and environmentally responsible is a commitment.